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Contact Information

P.O. Box 2821
Duxbury, MA 02331-2821
Phone: 781.422.3962
Fax: 781.422.3963


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Membership Benefits

Some of the reasons why you should belong:

  • The MSRT is your statewide professional society representing RTs
  • MSRT recommends appointees to the State Advisory Commission for Radiologic Technologists
  • Many 1/2 day seminars are offered throughout the year addressing various aspects of Radiologic Technology
  • Student activities and functions are included at MSRT Events.
  • Networking opportunities for meeting other members of your profession
  • The annual three-day conference offers courses and seminars on professional as well as personal development topics
  • EXPOSURE-The MSRT Newsletter, provides timely information on licensing and the field
  • MSRT members attend MSRT-sponsored activities at reduced rates

Membership Eligibility

Active Members shall be:

  1. Certified by the A.R.R.T. or its equivalent or hold an unrestricted license under Massachusetts state statute;
  2. A member in good standing with the ASRT;
  3. Actively engaged in the field of Radiologic Technology. Active members shall have all the rights and obligations of members.

Student Members
shall be those individuals who are enrolled in accredited Radiologic Technology programs. Eligibility for this category shall terminate on conclusion or discontinuation of such enrollment. Student members shall have all rights and obligations of members, except the right to vote and hold office on the MSRT Executive Board.

MSRT Dues Structure

The MSRT Membership Fiscal Year runs July 1 to June 30 every year.  The dues structure for Students & Technologists are:


If Joining:  July 1 – Feb. 28 – $50.00 (membership good until June 30th of the current Fiscal Year)

If Joining  March 1 – June 21 — $75.00 (membership good until June 30th of the next Fiscal Year)

Bridge Membership

The Bridge Membership was created for recent graduates of Radiology Programs.  This membership bridges the time between graduation, taking the registry & obtaining a job.  A two year membership is discounted by 30% for a total of $70.

$20.00 *These applicants will be considered paid through the current fiscal year.

Membership Application Submission
You can pay on-line using PayPal or mail your application to the MSRT.  To mail to the MSRT office, please download Membership Application, complete and mail with your dues payment to the MSRT Office.  Please make checks payable to: Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists

Online Submissions

Membership Application

    Student = Student currently enrolled in a Radiology Program. Bridge Membership = 2 Year Membership (30% Discount) for recent graduations of a Radiology Program to bridge the time between graduating, taking your registry & obtaining employment.
  • If registering as a Technologist, please check modalities you are licensed in:

  • If you are registering as a Student:

  • Thank you for your membership application. Please choose your membership type above to pay using Paypal. Once you click the button you will be taken to the secure Paypal site for payment. Your Paypal confirmation is your receipt. If you have any questions, please contact the MSRT office. Choose One!

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